How To Manage Workload As An Apprentice

The job of an apprentice can become really hard and tiring most especially when combined with other aspects of your life like education, childcare, etc. Today, we are going to learn how to distribute your job so you can work more efficiently rather than harder.

1. Track Everything.

On your first appointment with your assessor, the course units will be shown to you. You will also be told when you are expected to bring in the finished job. If you do not take note of the courses and due dates, it can later become daunting and you will most likely forget. You can always use a diary or app to keep track of your events.

2. Redistribute Your work

Doing too much in a very little time is not really a sensible thing to do. When assigned jobs, try and break them down into smaller parts along the days of the week and try to do them accordingly. This will not only save you time, but it will also allow you to work better during your dental apprenticeship.

3. Get support from your Assessor

When you start your course, an assessor will be provided to guide you over the course of your training. You should not be scared of them but rather, you should try and contact them if you have any questions or unsure about something. You are not expected to know everything so see them as a form of guidance.

4. Don’t ignore feedback

During your dental apprenticeship, after every month you will be graded by your assessor who will also give feedback on your tasks. Those feedbacks are meant to guide you in doing a better job in the future. If the feedback is critical or you don’t understand why a feedback was given, do not shun it but rather ask your assessor and they will be more than happy to explain.

5. Don’t kill Time Unnecessarily

In our fast-paced world today, things can easily get past you. For example, you can easily be distracted by the consistent things happening on the news, social media and all other forms of distraction. It is highly important you train yourself and your mind to withstand such distractions. They are a ton of applications that can also help out with this.